Cybersecurity: Offensive, defensive, active, passive and managed for your company.

Offensive Cybersecurity.

The best defense is a good controlled attack, we implement security measures, applying controlled attacks that allow the detection of vulnerabilities that would put the company at risk in the event of a real cyberattack.

Defensive Cybersecurity.

We will protect your organization under any concept, from audits and analysis of the current network, to the complete bastioning of the network infrastructure, designing a security plan that allows to guarantee the effectiveness of the current security controls.

Active Cybersecurity.

We will take care of avoiding and/or minimizing the impact to your systems and infrastructure, using the procedures and protocols indicated in the current international standards ISO/IEC 27000, 27032 plus those that apply in the matter.

Pasive Cybersecurity.

We will be in charge of the analysis, planning and integration of a disaster recovery plan in order to minimize the effects or disasters caused by a possible incident in the future.

Managed Cybersecurity

We have highly qualified and experienced professionals who will proactively ensure the security of your organization.
This service has become one of the key figures most demanded by organizations for its ability to provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary vision to the organization in all areas, from technology infrastructure to staff awareness.