About Us

Making the complicated simple, innovating in security to provide a better service.

We are a team of professionals, ex-military, specialists in Cybersecurity, computer security, Ethical Hacking and Computer Forensics, as well as corporate intelligence and counterintelligence, we work constantly to ensure the digital assets of our customers, for us it is not a number and / or client more, we treat it as if it were the only one, we care about your company, your infrastructure and your projects, your security as if it were ourselves and a little more.


In ZAYNETCERO S.A.S de C.V. We know that the services we provide, by their very nature, require to be performed by a multidisciplinary group of experts, strongly trained, with ethical values based on empathy, the highest confidentiality and responsibility in handling your information, so in ZAYNETCERO S.A.S de C.V. we care that these values are a priority in our team.


The security of your infrastructure and information are no longer only yours, they are ours, since we encourage our collaborators to feel and identify with our clients, identifying their needs and understanding their problems and security as if they were ours.


Knowing how valuable your infrastructure and information is as well as our reputation, the management, administration and securing of your infrastructure and information are carried out under the strictest, most rigorous and current national and international standards to repel, avoid or minimize risks, threats or attacks from cybercriminals.