Cybersecurity worker awareness

The weakest link in your company is security/cybersecurity chain is your working staff, so awareness will be your best move.


Does your working team know about the dangers behind a click?

Do they know that with a simple click they can almost destroy the work of the whole team?

Do they know that behind a simple meme there is a cyber criminal at work?

Audit, Train, Evaluate, Reinforce, Measure, steps to mission success.


Education is prevention

Awareness is the tool by excellence, guiding, training and educating the company's Employees which will enable, proactively anticipate future security breaches.


User awareness is the best defense

  • It allows reducing the possibility of exploitation of slopes that may affect the operation of the company.
  • Time and money are saved in repairing damage and/or recovering from unwanted incidents.
  • Good computer security and cybersecurity practices will keep the team and consequently the company safe.
  • Making all staff part of the cybersecurity programs will give them a sense of belonging, increasing their interest in the company's security.

End-user training tools

  • cybersecurity courses
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • awareness-raising campaigns, videos and posters
  • Press releases
  • Brochures
  • News
  • phishing simulation exercises
  • ETC.
  • Contact