Audit: maintain Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Authentication, Non-repudiation in your company.


Assuranse that the information is accesible only to those Autorized to have access.


The trustworthiness of data or resources in terms of preventing improper or unauthorized changes.


Assurance that the systems responsible for delivering, storing and processing information are accessible when required by the authorized users.


Refers to the characteristic of a communication, document, or any data that ensures the quality of being genuine.


A guarantee that the sender of a message connot later deny having sent the message and that the recipient cannot deny having reciven the message.

Audits for your company

A good atack is the best defense.

Internal security audit.

Prevention starts at home.

  • An internal audit is to detect and mitigate the vulnerabilities of the infrastructure of the systems, before a possible attacker calculating the consequences of an attack.
External security audit

Don't be surprised by a stranger

  • The external security audit allows to know the level of security from outside the company and the risk of being on the Internet. The services and / or public information could generate a security breach that could cause losses, both economic and image and credibility.
Penetration testing (pentesting)

The good of the bad, the vaccine before the virus.

  • With the execution of a penetration test we simulate real attacks that the company would experience from a cybercriminal, in order to compromise systems, break the encryption, or take advantage of any vulnerability, with these scenarios we minimize the impact of an attack.


A secure company is a respected company.

Prevent attacks

education and culture is the best prevention

Cybersecurity incidents are a major source of costs, both for small, medium and large companies, no one is spared, it usually has a significant economic impact, But risk prevention not only results in a reduction of damages and costs. If we add an improvement in working conditions, it contributes significantly to improving the performance, efficiency and competitiveness of the company in many ways.

Create protocols

A clear protocol is a big part of the way

  • The protocols with the set of rules that will make clear the Systematic Operating Procedures (SOP) within the company for each area, thus maintaining a line of communication and act in case of any eventuality however small or insignificant it may be, with this plus a healthy culture the company will have great advantages over any cybercriminal who tries to attack it.
Safe Company = Happy Company

Happy company, customers and human capital

  • Know the degree of efficiency of the systems and programs in operation.
  • Put in place adequate systems to protect the network and employees' equipment
  • Improve the security and protection of corporate and customer information.
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